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_Welcome to 'CSN Caucasus' - Organizer of International Events_

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"CSN Caucasus ltd." - Conference Support Network
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Laptops and Notebook Computers
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Simultaneous Interpretation, Translation, Drafting and Printing written materials for international organization

Over incomplete 11 years, 'CSN Caucasus' has provided its services
(acted either as the service provider or as the principal organizer)
for a total of about
1500 International Events of different scale and type

CSN Caucasus has an impressive list of regular clients, both among public bodies and international organizations

Government bodies and public institutions
Intergovernmental organizations and diplomatic missions
Think-tanks and NGOs
  • CSN Caucasus is an exclusive or regular provider of conferences services for the Administration of the President of Georgia, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, the Constitutional Court, the Public Defender's Office of Georgia, the Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia, the State Minister for Conflict Resolution, and others.
  • Our regular clients include the Council of Europe, UNICEF, IOM (International Organization for Migration), ICMPD, OSCE, UNHCR, UNFPA, UNDP, FAO, OEI, EC Delegation to Georgia, US Embassy to Georgia and others.
  • CSN Caucasus has very extensive cooperation with thank-tanks and NGOs, both local and international. To mention just a few: ECMI (European Centre for Minority Issues), GFSIS (Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies), LINKS (London Information Network on Conflicts and State-Building), Konrad Adenauer Foundation, ETF (European Training Foundation), DVV-IIZ, EED, and others.


1. Booking of hotel accommodation;
2. Transfer from/to airport;
3. Assistance in obtaining visas if needed;
4. Providing transport facility for transfer of participants;
5. Providing conference equipments: Audio and Video; LCD Screens and LCD Projectors; Laptops and Notebook Computers; Local Network and Internet;
6. Reserving and hiring the premises where the event will be held;
7. Reserving and hiring additional premises: Press point during the event (premise where journalists will have an opportunity to get the relevant information during the event and conduct interviews with event participants);
8. Assisting in the workshop: welcoming participants, distributing badges, passing round the microphone, distributing documents and conference kits;
9. Providing simultaneous (or/and consecutive) interpretation services;
10. Drafting and sending out invitations;
11. Preparing name tags for participants, and name signs for speaker's table;
12. Providing registration facilities;
13. Providing coffee, lunch and evening breaks as well as cocktail-dinners;
14. Design, production and distribution of documentation packages (including CDs);
15. Design and production of publicity materials;
16. Organization of the Press conference;
17. Logistic organization of his office and accommodation in the different locations where the events takes place;
18. Providing at the locations of the events, at his own expense, office equipment, telephones and faxes, photocopy machine, computers, mail and internet access for the proper performance of the task;
19. Providing appropriate conference technical facilities and conference equipment, as well as an LCD projector /screen;
20. Provision of high-quality digital photos/videos of the event;
21. Recruiting one or more moderators whose task will be to moderate discussions;
22. Responsible for all administration in relation to the organizing and implementing International events;
23. Ensure that all logistical aspects of the organizing and implementing International events are correctly carried out;
24. Translation, drafting and printing written materials for international organization;
25. Logistical support in organizing of Training / Study Tours / Public Relation Events (in Georgia, Armenia, EU countries, Canada and the USA).

- CSN Caucasus has excellent working cooperation with a number of business/training centers, hotels that that have conference rooms, together with catering facilities. Of particular mention is our good cooperation with Hotel Ambasadori, Courtyard Marriott, Tbilisi Marriott Hotel, Sheraton Metechi Hotel, Radisson SAS Iveria Hotel and a number of other hotels both in and outside Tbilisi. We will rent the conference premises, depending on the Client's choice upon provision of all necessary information on the specifics of each suggested venue.
- CSN Caucasus has excellent working relations with our Armenian colleagues working in the field of conference management and tourism - 'Tourism Management' LLC, Yerevan Armenia. These relations can be described as a two-way street involving mutual exchange of advice and expertise on the matters requiring local knowledge in our respective countries.

We Take Pride In Our
Dedicated team of professional interpreters and event-planners
State-of-the-art digital conference equipment
Exceptional record of success
Client-centered services
Long-standing cooperation with international organizations
Impressive list of regular clients

Founders of the Company actively involved in the running of business are
Ms. Mara TSAKADZE, Mr. Merab STURUA and Mr. Karen UZUNIAN.

Mr. Merab STURUA is the General Director of CSN Caucasus. Apart from a university degree in physics fromMara Tsakadze Merab Sturua Tbilisi State University and years of experience in research institutes of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Merab Sturua completed the MBA Course with ESM Tbilisi and is a professional in the finance and administration fields.

Ms. Mara TSAKADZE is responsible for provision of seamless interpretation and translation services on behalf of the CSN Caucasus Company. She herself is a highly reputable conference interpreter with 21 years of experience in simultaneous interpreting. Her work record includes provision of simultaneous interpretation services at about 710 international events held in Georgia, UK, US, France (CoE), Germany, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Turkey and other countries Mara Tsakadze works extensively with such organizations as the Council of Europe, WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, IOM, ICMPD, OECD, OSCE, EC Delegation to Georgia (European Union), LINKS London, ECMI, GFSIS, the Public Defender's Office in Georgia, and others. For many of them she is the first port of call whenever they need English-Russian-Georgian conference interpreting or translation services.   Mara Tsakadze is on the list of accredited interpreters of the Council of Europe.

What we do – we do well!

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